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Music Nomad Highest Grade Guitar Wax

Music Nomad Highest Grade Guitar Wax

The Music Nomad Guitar Wax - Highest Grade White Brazilian Carnuba comes from a company that's passionate about helping independent musicians. Simply wiping dust off your guitar can scratch like sandpaper, because dust is abrasive. Music Nomad's professional white Brazilian carnauba wax delivers an acoustically transparent durable shield with a high gloss shine that protects your instrument's finish from moisture, salt (sweat), and dust. It fills in minor imperfections, restoring shine, depth & clarity to your guitar's finish. It even contains UV protectants and is 100% non abrasive.
  • Specifications

    • Clean, Smooth Frets will Improve Playability & String Life
    • Cleans & Shines Frets
    • Removes Oxidation
    • Petroleum Free
    • Safe on All Metal Fret Wire
    • 1 Fl oz./30 mL
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