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Mapex Rebel Complete Junior 5-Piece Drum Set with Hardware - 18" Bass Drum - Product Information

The Mapex Rebel Complete Junior 5 Piece Drum Set is designed to provide a great playing experience for the new drummer. The Rebel Drum Set comes complete with all the parts (hardware, cymbals and even sticks!) needed to begin playing right out of the box. The poplar shells deliver an even tone with plenty of bass drum punch. The layout of the kit is intended to create a smaller playing space so younger players can perform comfortably.

Configuration and Features:

  • 18x16 – Bass Drum
  • 10x7 & 12x8 – Toms
  • 14x12 – Floor Tom
  • 14x5 – Snare Drum
  • 9 Ply 7.2mm Poplar Shells for all Bass Drums, Toms and Snares
  • Cymbals – 14" Hi-Hat, 16" Crash/Ride
  • Rebel Hardware Pack – 2x Cymbal Stands, 1x Snare Stand, 1x Hi-Hat Stand, 1x Drum Throne, 1x Bass Drum Pedal, 1 Pair Drum Sticks</