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Lizard Spit Travel Care Kit

Lizard Spit Travel Care Kit

The Lizard Spit Travel Care Kit is the perfect set of maintenance products to throw in your case to keep your instrument looking and playing great. The kit includes a soft microfiber cloth, instrument polish, string cleaner, and fretboard conditioner. Made In USA Biodegradable cleaning products 1 oz bottle of Axe Polish for cleaning and polishing finished surfaces 1⅓ oz bottle of Fresh-N-Easy string cleaner for removing oxidation, cleaning, lubricating, and protecting strings 1 oz bottle of Fret Board Conditioner for moisturizing and cleaning porous fretboards while cleaning and protecting frets 12” x 12” super fine microfiber cloth split
  • Specifications

    • MP12 Fresh N Easy Sting Conditioner (1oz).
    • MP14 Fret Board Conditioner (orange oil) (1oz).
    • MP11 Mini Guitar Polish (1oz).
    • MP04 12" x 12" Micro Fiber Cloth.
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