The Engl Cabloader brings a new world of gigging utility to your pedalboard. Tired of miking your stage amp? Want to run straight from your board out to a PA? Even if you're new to the world of cab-emulated impulse responses (IRs), this powerful IR loader and guitar direct box will have you dialing in wicked tones in 30 seconds flat. The Cabloader comes preloaded with 12 virtualizations of popular Engl cab and speaker combos. There are also 10 virtual stage and studio microphone options, each with their own placement controls, allowing you to fine-tune your cab tone. You can even load in four of your favorite third-party cab IRs and access them via the Cabloader's four user spots. Once you've got your cab sound dialed in, the Cabloader's onboard power amp simulation lets you audition several virtual power tube types (EL34s, 6L6s, etc.) to tailor the stiffness and breakup characteristics of your incoming preamp or pedal signal. Whether you want to eliminate mics on your stage or you want to ditch the amp altogether, achieving a killer pedalboard setup is a given with the Engl Cabloader.

ENGL Amplifiers Cabloader Cabinet Simulator Pedal