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Providing Everything You Need

Guitar Restring

Guitar Restring and light cleaning

  • Electric Guitar $20.00 plus the cost of strings

  • Electric Guitar with Floyd Rose $40.00 plus the cost of strings

  • Acoustic Guitar $20.00 Plus the cost of strings


Guitar Set up

Electric or Acoustic $125.00 Plus the cost of Strings

Electric with Floyd Rose $150.00 Plus the cost of Strings

  • Adjusting Truss Rod

  • Leveling high frets

  • Re Crowning and Polishing Frets 

  • Setting string height at the 1st and 12th fret

  • Adjusting bridge saddle radius if applicable

  • Setting intonation

  • Fretboard cleaning and conditioning

  • Set Pickup height on electrics 

  • Final Polishing


Pickup and General Wiring

All Prices are + the cost of any parts needed. 

  • Pickup Installation $40.00 per pickup

  • Pot Installation $40.00

  • Complete Guitar Wiring TBD

  • Input Jack Repair $20.00 

$25.00 research fee for pickups and parts brought in without a wiring diagram. 

AMP Repair

AMP Repair service 

ALL brands of AMPs are serviced by a local technician. Drop off for estimate. 

Drumhead change and tune
$20.00 per head

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