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Vic Firth Rock American Classic, Wood Tip

Vic Firth Rock American Classic, Wood Tip

The American Classic line of sticks from Vic Firth mare all made from select hickory. American Classic sticks are unique with a combination of both bold and traditional designs. Hickory is a dense, durable yet flexible wood that is capable of taking a great deal of shock and producing a pronounced sound. The tips of Vic Firth’s American Classic sticks are also deeply back-cut of an intensified cymbal sound and response. Vic Firth’s Rock sticks are a great option for players who like the 2B but want something with more reach, leverage, and power. This powerful stick with added weight and length with an oval tip has a full sound great for rock and band settings. Rock sticks are ideal for those players who are heavy hitters needed more reach around the kit.
  • Specifications

    • Hickory construction for pronounced attack and durability.
    • Excellent rebound!
    • Additional length for more leverage.
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