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Vic Firth 7AN American Classic Nylon Tip

Vic Firth 7AN American Classic Nylon Tip

For over 30 years, the American Classics have been the popular choice of countless drummers worldwide. Wood tips were the originals, followed by nylon for a more durable and brighter sound option. Vic Firth was the first manufacturer to offer nylon tips designed to mirror their wood counterparts, allowing drummers to switch from the richness of wood to the brilliance of nylon without sacrificing feel and balance. And with our injection molding process,they wont chip or fly off — guaranteed! Vic pioneered the process of injection molding nylon tips onto drumsticks. By fusing the nylon with the wood, tips are guaranteed not to chip or fly off. The injection process also makes it possible to create complex, precision shapes that match their wood tip counterparts exactly.
  • Specifications

    • Perfect option for light jazz and combo
    • Also great for moving quickly around the kit
    • Nylon tip for added clarity on cymbals and added durability
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