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Vic Firth 5BDG American Classic 5B DoubleGlaze

Vic Firth 5BDG American Classic 5B DoubleGlaze

The American Classic line of sticks from Vic Firth mare all made from select hickory. American Classic sticks are unique with a combination of both bold and traditional designs. Hickory is a dense, durable yet flexible wood that is capable of taking a great deal of shock and producing a pronounced sound. The tips of Vic Firth’s American Classic sticks are also deeply back-cut of an intensified cymbal sound and response. 5B sticks from Vic Firth have long been one of the most popular drumstick used throughout the world. Their taper and tear drop shape make them ideal for rock and many other band and practice scenarios. Vic Firth’s DoubleGlaze is a uniquely formulated lacquer that adds a very tacky feel to your sticks. The thick coating adds a small amount of mass giving the sticks a more solid feel. This makes the sticks especially great for players with dry hands allowing for a more relaxed grip.
  • Specifications

    • Material: Hickory
    • Type: 5B
    • Length: 406 mm
    • Thickness: 15,1 mm
    • Tip: Wood
    • Country of Origin: USA
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