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Stevens Guitar Steel Bar

Stevens Guitar Steel Bar

The Golden Gate Stevens Steel Bar is sculpted of just over 5 oz of nickel-plated brass. guitar steel. Chromium plated. The bar is popular with players of squareneck resonator, lap steel, and pedal steel guitars. excellent tone and durability. Contour design for comfortable fit and precision control. ~ 5 oz. ~ 2 7/8" long ~ 1" tall ~ 5/8" wide This is the original classic! Spend a few minutes with one in your hand and you'll understand why. It s the perfect weight and shape and the relatively narrow face makes tilting the bar for chords and to get pedal effects on a lap steel easier. Perfect for Dobro, Pedal or Lap Steel, and acoustics played lap style. Pros will testify that an accurately thrown Stevens bar can take out a loud mouth drunk from across the club. (Just kidding!) The Stevens bar is the original classic. It s been around forever because you just can t improve perfection.
  • Specifications

    • Perfectly designed to fit the players' hand
    • Just the right weight to produce best tone without fatiguing the hand
    • Suitable for resonator guitar, acoustic Hawaiian steel and electric lap steel
    • Sculpted shape allows player to easily lift the steel for bluegrass techniques
    • Well-designed, beautifully-proportioned and affordable
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