The AQ2 was designed from the ground up by the expert team of designers at Sonor in Germany. Borrowing from the legacy of nearly 150 years of drum making, the goal was to deliver Sonor quality and attractive pricing. This is no easy feat when you consider the standards by which Sonor operates. AQ2 has the new isolating Smart Mounts, which look great and work well. Positioning your toms next to each other is simple, and head changes are a breeze. At DCP, we're growing tired of the bulbous suspension mounts, regardless of how they function because positioning has become such a burden. It's no problem with the new Smart Mount. The tom arms allow for the arm to go up and down, side to side, and now, like the 600 series of hardware, it goes back and forth.

Then there's the shell. It's a 7 ply Maple layup with sharp edges. The lacquer finishes are deep and lustrous, and of course, the classic White Marine Pearl wrap is fitting for the classic look.

What I really like about the AQ2 program is the available add-ons. Typically it's quite limited in this price range. Not the case with AQ2. If you want to have a Martini set up, but add a separate bass drum, that can be done. From 14 inch to 22-inch maple bass drums, you can be prepared for any playing situation. Extra toms and snares allow you to build your own custom Sonor shell bank of high-performance drums at great pricing.


What's in the box: 22x17.5 BD, 10x7 & 12x8 Toms, 16x15 FT, 14x6 Snare Drum, DTH-4000 DBL Tom Holder in the Transparent Black finish Shell Pack. Stands and Cymbals are sold separately.

Sonor AQ2 MAPLE STAGE SET-Transparent Black