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High-Gain Hero

Greek for “ruler” or “lord,” the PRS Archon is a commanding 2-channel amp with versatile overdriven tones and sparkling cleans with plenty of headroom. Designed with five gain stages before the master volume, the Archon’s lead channel is voiced to cover everything from Classic Rock to Metal with full, lush distortion. The clean channel provides rich tones that retain clarity even at high volume, and there is ample headroom, creating an excellent platform for pedals. The Archon has remarkably responsive tone with incredible note separation, whether you’re playing on the clean channel or chugging on the lead.

The PRS Archon is powered by two 6L6 tubes, offering full, articulate tone with smooth high end and tight low end. They chug, distort, and get heavy without over-saturating, and they sing without becoming harsh.

Utilizing a ‘no flash or trash’ approach, the Archon’s control layout allows for detailed and intuitive tone shaping. Each channel features volume, treble, middle, bass, and master volume controls as well as a bright switch. The 3-band EQ lets players better dial-in their desired tone, while the volume and master controls work together to command the amp’s distortion and loudness. The bright switch acts almost as a treble boost, putting a shine on the amp’s high-end without going into icepick territory. The global presence and depth controls in the Archon’s power amp section both work to modify the feedback network of the amp to unleash the potential of the high- and low-end respectively. Turning up the Presence control releases more high- mid and treble frequencies, bringing the amp’s tone forward. Depending on the tone stack and volume settings, the Presence can change the gain/ texture and loudness of the high-end, making your tone wilder and more 3-dimensional (or more “present” sounding). In addition to adding low-end, Depth adds a resonance to those frequencies that more 3-dimensionally shapes the Archon’s tone.

Bottom Line: The Archon 50 delivers full, lush gain, a remarkable clean channel, and a versatile control layout that players of all genres will appreciate.



Power Tubes2x 6CA7 or 6L6GC
Preamp Tubes6x 12AX7 / ECC83
Lead ChannelMaster Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Bright Switch, Volume
Clean ChannelMaster Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Bright Switch, Volume
Global ControlsPresence, Depth
InletFused Power Inlet (IEC)
Effects LoopSeries - tube driven
Extension Speaker Jacks5
Ohm Switching(2) 4 ohm & (2) 8 ohm parallel, (1) 16 ohm
BiasAdjustable with Monitoring Jacks
CoveringBlack Textured Vinyl
PipingBlack Embossed Welt
PanelBrushed Black Metal
HandleStitched Black Faux Leather
Amp Width21.5”
Amp Depth10”
Amp Height10”
Amp Weight32.4 lbs
Included Accessories1-Button Footswitch, for Channel Switching
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