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Music Nomad Premium Guitar Care Kit

Music Nomad Premium Guitar Care Kit

MN140 Kit The three-piece kit consists of a smaller bottle of their popular Guitar ONE (2 oz.), F-ONE Oil (1/2 oz.) and a 12” x 12” premium microfiber polishing cloth. Guitar ONE is an award winning, revolutionary all in one spray that cleans, polishes and protects guitar finishes. F-ONE fretboard cleaner and conditioner, is an all-natural combination of oils that cleans while it conditions the fretboard. It’s free of lemon oil and petroleum, so it won’t dry out the fretboard. The premium cloth is a 12” x 12”, stitch free microfiber cloth. It polishes the guitar without the worry of scratching. It’s lint free and safe on all surfaces. Road tested, these 3 products are used worldwide by instrument makers, luthiers, repair shops, guitar techs & musicians.
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