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Make your Stratocaster sound like a Strat should with Lindy Fralin’s Vintage Hots. As our best-selling Stratocaster set, Vintage Hots offer the purest vintage Strat tone. Vintage Hots have a warm, balanced midrange with lots of sparkle and clarity on the top, guaranteeing you’ll stand out in the mix. If you’re looking for the purest Stratocaster tone, look no further than these pickups right here!

  • Set Or Single: Complete Set
  • Pickup Cover Color: Parchment (Aged White)
  • Magnet Stagger: Stock Stagger
  • Right-Handed Or Left-Handed: Right Handed
  • SKU: R:SV-S

Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot Parchment (Aged White) Set