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Are you still searching for that noiseless P90 tone that sounds like a real P90? Your search has ended: introducing the Fralin Hum Cancelling P90. With a unique coil design and magnet structure, the Fralin Hum Cancelling P90 provides a versatile, hum-free tone that cleans up and gets dirty, with plenty of articulation and clarity. Read more to find your guitar’s real voice:

  • Set Or Single: Complete Set
  • Type: Soapbar
  • Neck Output: Stock
  • Bridge Output: Stock
  • Type Of Lead: Gibson® Braided Shield
  • String Spacing: Standard (50mm)
  • Soapbar Covers: Cream (Set / Single)

Lindy Fralin Soapbar Hum-Canceling P90 Cream Set