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Hohner Blues Bender Harmonica (C Key)

Hohner Blues Bender Harmonica (C Key)

The Hohner Blues Bender is a fabulous step up harmonica for the aspiring blues harmonica player. This harmonica has many of the same features as some of the highest end professional harmonicas at an affordable rate. The construction of this instrument is the sandwich style as featured in the Marine Band Series. It's clear acrylic airtight comb allows for easier bending and comfortable playing. The brass reedplate has been chrome plated for a smooth look and feel while retaining the sound of brass reeds. The coverplates have been widened to make this a loud instrument. Like it s predecessor the Blues Bender still features cover plates with side vents for a brighter tone.
  • Specifications

    • Comb: ABS, black
    • Number of hole: 10
    • Reeds: 20 brass
    • Reed Plates: 0.9mm brass
    • Read Plate Surface: brass
    • Cover Surface: stainless steel
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