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Hercules Guitar Wall Hanger

Hercules Guitar Wall Hanger

The Hercules wall mount guitar hangers with AGS Auto Grab System AutoSwivel allow different shapes of guitars and basses to be hung vertically by a specially designed AutoSwivel Yoke. Place the guitar headstock into the guitar hanger and the weight of the guitar rotates the yoke. This causes the two swivel arms to rotate and hold the guitar securely in place. Once the guitar hangar is fixed to the wall the guitar yoke can be rotated 30 degrees left or right. This allows you to position your guitar to face straight forward or angled to the left or right. The Hercules guitar hanger ensures that your guitar is always held securely and safely on the wall mount. The Hercules GSP39WB guitar wall mount hanger has a wooden base for wall mounting and the wall mount screws are included.
  • Specifications

    • Rotates automatically
    • Accommodates different shaped guitars or basses vertically and safely
    • For home and studio use
    • Attractive wood base
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