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Players from all genres can agree: Vince Gill is one of the premier guitar players of our time. Whether he's playing one of his chart topping hits, covering some classic "bakersfield" country, or singing the blues; Vince demands great tone. Over the years Vince has relied on his signature Pro-Series system, the EMG VG20 for his black Strat.

This system includes a S Single coil set with a master volume, master tone, and an EMG SPC presence control, all pre-wired to a custom 11-hole tortoise shell pickguard with black knobs. Vince has said that "Music is the only place in the world where true democracy lives - every note counts." With the EMG VG20 every note is clean and defined and will always be heard. Whether you are playing rock, country, blues, or honky tonk, this is the set for you.

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