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EMG ST54 Passive Alnico 2 Prewired Pickguard - Black

EMG ST54 Passive Alnico 2 Prewired Pickguard - Black


Give Your Strat a Pickup Transplant!

Not only does the EMG ST-54 give you three great-sounding passive pickups, but this prewired Strat pickguard ensures unrivaled ease of installation, thanks to its solderless, drop-in-ready design. Experience warm, fat low-frequency response, by virtue of the ST-54’s Alnico II magnets, along with pronounced, cutting mids. These pickups have half the magnetism of a typical Alnico V-loaded pickup, ensuring a nice, squishy feel that’s sure to inspire. The pickguard features a traditional 3-ply design, 5-position switch, two tone controls, and a master volume knob. You’ll love the classic look of the ST-54, along with its incredible, show-stopping tone.

Installation is a breeze

Loading the ST-54 into your Stratocaster is a breeze. It features a traditional design but sports a 2-pin connector for easy installation and tinkering — no soldering required! At Sweetwater, we appreciate the drop-in-ready design of the EMG ST-54.

Sweet, musical Alnico II magnets

Alnico III magnets sound vintage-y, while Alnico Vs are punchy as all get out. Alnico II magnets like the ones in the EMG ST-54 give you the best of both worlds. You’ll experience more low-end muscle than Alnico IIIs, but without the higher output that’s inherent in Alnico Vs. And since they generate about half the magnetic pull of an Alnico V, you’ll enjoy more string vibration, too.

Clean, classic design

Once installed, the ST-54 provides a seamless look. It all starts with a traditional 3-ply, 11-hole pickguard. A modern 5-way pickup switch, dual tone controls, and master volume knob complete the package. With the ST-54, you’ll benefit from the classic Strat look that we’ve all come to know and love.

EMG ST-54 Features:

  • Prewired Stratocaster pickguard with 3 passive single-coil pickups
  • Solderless, drop-in-ready design makes installation easy
  • Alnico II magnets provide fat lows, pronounced mids, and great feel
  • Traditional 3-ply, 11-hole design for a classic look
  • Modern 5-way pickup switch, dual tone controls, and master volume knob
Type3 x Passive Alnico II Single-coil
ConfigurationSSS Pickguard Set
Magnet MaterialAlnico II
Number of Conductors2 wire
DC Resistance6.82K
Number of Strings6
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