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Dunlop Blues Bottle Slide - Regular Wall

Dunlop Blues Bottle Slide - Regular Wall

Individually Hand Blown, Durable, Seamless Glass for a Crisp Tone, Weighted Closed-Ends for Optimum Balance The 271 Clear Small Blues Bottle Slide from Dunlop is individually hand blown and made of a durable seamless-glass for a crisp bright-tone. It can be used by slide and lap-slide guitarist for applications such as live stage rehearsals recording studios and more. It features a closed end that is weighted to provide optimum balance. The Blues Bottle slide was used in pre-Depression Mississippi where Blues Masters used medicine-bottle slides to form the roots of modern-day blues.
  • Specifications

    • Individually hand blown
    • Durable, seamless Pyrex glass for a crisp, bright tone
    • Weighted, closed ends provide optimum balance
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