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DS Custom Audio Electronics Foxxy FUZZ Pedal

DS Custom Audio Electronics Foxxy FUZZ Pedal


The Foxxy is a recreation of the Foxx Tone Machine, but with some modifications.

Instead of the toggle switch to activate the Octave sound, we decided to use a Footswitch with LED indication.

We also added a small toggle switch to select between two Tone Capacitors.

In position I the stock Capacitor is used, in position II we used a different value with leads to a fatter tone.

As diodes we used some NOS russian Germanium diodes, which are hand selected and matched for best operation.



  • On Footswitch: Switches from Bypass to Effect Sound. If LED is active, you'll hear the effected sound of the Pedal
  • Octave Footswitch: Adds an Octave sound to the Fuzz, this Switch only works when the pedal is activated
  • I / II Toggle Switch: Changes the overall tone, I is stock mode, II is a modified value which leads to a fatter sound
  • Volume Poti: Use this to set the output volume of the pedal to your liking
  • Tone Poti: Adjusts the treble and bass. Turn to the left to get a bassier sound, turn to the right to get more treble
  • Fuzz Poti: Controls the amount of fuzz


Power: 9V DC 5mA

Size (L x W x H): 119 x 94 x 42mm

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