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DS Custom Audio Electronics XPC FUZZ

DS Custom Audio Electronics XPC FUZZ


The XPC is our take on a clone of one of the best Fuzz Pedals available, the Prescription Electronics Experience Fuzz.

Our goal was to make a faithful creation, but also to change a few things which make the Fuzz even better.

That's why we put the knobs on top of the unit instead on the side. We also added LEDs to the Footswitches, to indicate which switches are active.

Also you may notice the Stock/Mod switch, which only affects the Swell circuit of the pedal. On the original unit the Swell sounded a little off at the lower frets. So we added a small mod, which makes it perform better on the lower frets, without affecting anything else.



  • On Footswitch: Switches from Bypass to Effect Sound. If LED is active, you'll hear the effected sound of the Pedal
  • Octave Footswitch: Adds an Octave sound to the Fuzz, this Switch only works when the pedal is activated
  • Swell Footswitch: Turns on the Swell circuit. Please note, that this Switch only works if the Octave Switch and the On Switch are also activated
  • Stock/Mod Switch: Only affects the Swell circuit. The Swell effect works in the Mod-Position better on the lower notes
  • Volume Poti: Use this to set the output volume of the pedal to your liking
  • Tone Poti: Adjusts the treble and bass. Turn to the left to get a bassier sound, turn to the right to get more treble
  • Fuzz Poti: Controls the amount of fuzz
  • Swell Poti: Controls the volume of the swell mode. Please note that this also affects the overall output of the pedal. Best is to start with a lower setting here and slightly increase it.


Power: 9V DC 5mA

Size (L x W x H): 120 x 94 x 75mm

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