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DS Custom Audio Electronics Overdrvr Overdrive

DS Custom Audio Electronics Overdrvr Overdrive


With the Ovrdrvr. as the name may already indicates, we wanted to honor one of the greatest Overdrive pedals in history.

Think about Jeff Beck and David Gilmour, with this box you'll nail their sound. But we didn't just want to make a 1:1 copy of this pedal, but also think about how it could be improved.

The original pedal didn't have a Volume Pot, and this was quite problematic as this pedal gets really loud! So, that was one if the first things we added to it.

Also a lot of people complaint that the overdriven, fuzzy kinda like sound, just happens at the last 5% of the Drive Pot. Everybody who knows the pedal can confirm this, that's why we changed the taper of the Drive Pot. So the overdriven sound starts earlier and can be tweaked a lot better.

Although a minor change, but I hear a lot of people complain about it. On the original pedal, the Input for the guitar is on the left, and the Output for the amp on the right. So that't completely the opposite as it's common nowadays.



  • Footswitch: Switches from Bypass (True Bypass) to Effect Sound. If the LED (blue) is active, you'll hear the effected sound of the Pedal
  • Volume Poti: Use this to set the output volume of the pedal to your liking
  • Treble Poti: Adjusts the amount of treble. Turn clockwise to increase the treble, turn counterclockwise to decrease it
  • Bass Poti: Adjusts the amount of bass. Turn clockwise to increase the bass, turn counterclockwise to decrease it
  • Drive Poti: Controls the amount of gain


Power: 9V DC 10mA

Size (L x W x H): 119 x 94 x 42mm

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