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Designed by iconic high-gain amp guru James Brown, the Big Rock Pro II brings back the glory of the So-Cal, Plexi modded, tone loved and desired by millions. Classic “Big Gain Tone” available in a convenient stomp box! In addition to being able to cover the great classic rock sounds of the past, the Big Rock Pro II has more than enough gain to keep up with modern players needing the flexibility to create a full palette of tones.

In addition to a full assortment of high-gain tones and switching capabilities, the Big Rock Pro II now includes Depth Finder and DeFizzerator processing built in for even more tone sculpting abilities.

Perfect for live and studio, the Big Rock Pro II includes a balanced DI, cab sim and headphone output in addition to three separate loops for multiple processing and switching combinations.

Amptweaker Big Rock Pro II

SKU: 632835642834572